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Dr Elżbieta Binczycka-Gacek

Dr Elżbieta Binczycka-Gacek

Graduate in comparative literature and religious studies (MA and BA in both disciplines), she received a doctoral degree in literary studies with a specialization in comparative literature in 2021 based on her dissertation “The Presence of the Flying Africans Myth in 20 and 21st-century Postcolonial Novel”

Member of the African Literature Association, Comparative Literature Association and the Association for the Study of Worldwide African Diaspora, she is part of the Jagiellonian Research Center for African Studies team. She specializes in myth studies, postcolonial
comparative literature studies, and black studies. 

In 2022, together with Dr Natalia Zawiejska, she received funding for an international research group as part of the grant “Mapping the Public Space of Gender and LGBTQ+ Mobilizations in Angola. A Research Agenda”

Her current research focuses on Polish heritage in Haiti, Afrofuturism and queer West African literature. She works in the flagship project Critical Heritage Studies Hub.